Why Church?

August 7, 2016
Why has God designed for Christians to worship at church? Why not stay home and simply listen to sermons online instead of driving to church? Join us as we see…

How to Get Rid of Peace

February 7, 2016
Do you have peace? Do you have unrest? How do we get rid of unrest? The answer requires knowing from where unrest and peace come. Join Pastor Dan in plunging…

Rise Up, O Men of God

January 3, 2016
There is a great need today for men of God to rise up and serve the Lord and to lead others toward God. Join Pastor Dan with diving in and…

Three Types of Fools

August 3, 2014
Every man starts out an ignorant fool.  Proverbs warns us about progressing further into foolishness and reminds us what can be done to get out of our plight.