The video recordings of our Sunday morning services are posted online no later than the following Thursday by 8 AM. They are sometimes posted sooner in the week.

Christ Comes to Earth

December 25, 2016

Christmas Service

December 21, 2016
Christmas is a time of celebrating and remembering Christ's birth and that He came to die for our sins. Join us for an evening of Christmas music. This was originally…

God has a message for the Church in Thyatira. Love produces works, and faith produces perseverance.
See how the church in Pergamos was unfaithful to their Groom - Jesus. Many of the Christians did not stop the sinful unfaithfulness towards God which was practiced by members of…

The Storms of Life

November 6, 2016
Just like the disciples saw God's power over the storm on the sea and learned to trust Him, we can trust God to help us during our storms of life. He might…

Sit Down and Eat

October 30, 2016

Jesus the Messiah

October 23, 2016

Jesus Is God!

October 16, 2016

The Compassion of Jesus

October 9, 2016
Do you feel alone? Does life seem difficult and unfair? Jesus knows what you are going through, and He cares deeply about your pain. Join us as we examine the depth…

Caterpillar Christians

October 2, 2016

The Pattern of Christ

September 25, 2016

How to Go to Heaven

September 18, 2016
How can one be saved and be on the way to heaven? There are so many religions in the world; what is the true way to be on the way…

Eaten Up

September 11, 2016
When seeing the Temple of God being used as a money making scheme, Jesus was eaten up with righteous anger.

Time to Eat

September 4, 2016
In American culture, many Christians today are spiritually malnourished. Join us as we use the analogy of food or lack of food to illustrate the Christian's need for wholesome, spiritual…

The First Miracle

August 28, 2016
Christ walked on this earth and did amazing miracles to the glory of God. Come join us as we look into Jesus' first miracle.

Look to the Lamb of God

August 21, 2016
Just like the disciples were pointed to Christ, people today still need Jesus as Savior. Join us as we see the importance of pointing people to Christ.