The video recordings of our Sunday morning services are posted online no later than the following Thursday by 8 AM. They are sometimes posted sooner in the week.

When Heaven Answers

August 14, 2016
In the midst of seeing our country in a tailspin, join us as we see what God wants us to remember.

Why Church?

August 7, 2016
Why has God designed for Christians to worship at church? Why not stay home and simply listen to sermons online instead of driving to church? Join us as we see…

Pleasing God

May 22, 2016
Pastor Mielke shares two responsibilities of Christians which are to have submission in following the authority of God's ordained leaders and to hold fast to the sound doctrines. Our computers…

Behold, Your King!

March 20, 2016
See how on the special day we call Palm Sunday, the crowds cheered, and the Christ cried. Though praising the Lord, the people would soon reject their King.
Christians are not immune to suffering. It will come, but how should we respond? Join Pastor Mielke in the book of Hebrews and discover practical and biblical ways to respond…

Evidence of Love

February 28, 2016

Be Encouraged

February 21, 2016
During these hard and dark days, join Pastor Mielke in looking at what God says in how to put sin aside and to encourage us in living triumphant lives.

How to Get Rid of Peace

February 7, 2016
Do you have peace? Do you have unrest? How do we get rid of unrest? The answer requires knowing from where unrest and peace come. Join Pastor Dan in plunging…

The Rest of the Story

January 31, 2016

Walk along the Great Hall of Faith as we look into the lives of a couple of the great believers mentioned in Hebrews 11.

A Child Saved

January 17, 2016
Is human life a big deal? Does saving even one human life make a difference? If you or someone you know have been wrestling with questions like these, you will…

Walking By Faith

January 10, 2016
A walk down the great "Hall of Faith" encourages us to also walk by faith.

Rise Up, O Men of God

January 3, 2016
There is a great need today for men of God to rise up and serve the Lord and to lead others toward God. Join Pastor Dan with diving in and…

Seek the Lord! Part 2

December 27, 2015
With his last words, the Apostle Paul is used by God to embolden others to keep seeking and serving the Lord.

Seek the Lord!

December 20, 2015
Pastor Mielke preaches on the wise men seeking the Lord and how we must still seek the Lord today.
Regardless of how bleak and dark times become, God's Word Shall Stand! Mankind cannot keep God from accomplishing His plan.

A New and Living Way!

December 13, 2015
Pastor Mielke expounds on Christ offering a new and living way and on the importance of Christians assembling and exhorting one another.
How does the Gospel affect our everyday life?  Pastor Dan answers this question and shows how the power of the Gospel intersects real life.