Church History

See our church through the years.

First Baptist Church of Milltown, Wisconsin was founded in 1917. It met in a small building in the western side of town. The church built a new building about three blocks east of the original location where the old saw mill used to stand and moved in 1954. In 1970, the church added on to the front of the building. The multi-purpose building was built in the late 1970′s. The building housed a Christian school for several years. In 1999 the church started its cable TV ministry. As a result thousands of people can watch the services every Thursday.
In the 1950’s Wisconsin was known as the grave yard of evangelism, so Milltown became one of the founding six churches of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches. The WFBC now has over one hundred churches in the fellowship. Milltown is also a member of the New Testament Association of Independent Baptist Churches.
First Baptist Church of Milltown has had several Godly men who have served over the years as senior Pastors and associate Pastors. The current senior pastor is Rev. Marlon W. Mielke who followed God’s calling to Milltown Wisconsin in 1998. Pastor Daniel W. Mielke became the associate Pastor in 2009 before sensing God’s call to serve the Lord in Austin, MN where he has been pastoring since December of 2017.
We praise the Lord for His goodness in preserving this “light house” in the dark corner of northern Wisconsin.

On October 1, 2017, First Baptist Church celebrated its 100th Anniversary. Check out the afternoon celebration at: